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Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB detail information
iPhone 3GS 32GB
Why You'll Love iPhone
It's a phone, an iPod and an Internet device in one. It gives you access to thousands of applications. And it's built on technology that's years ahead of its time.
Apps for iPhone
Discover apps from the App Store that help you do more with iPhone. From games to business to health and fitness, there's an app for that.
3.0 Software Update
Already have an iPhone? Make it even better with great new features ? including Cut, Copy & Paste, and MMS ? free with the iPhone 3.0 Software Update.
New in MobileMe
MobileMe gives you push email, contacts and calendars. Lose your iPhone? MobileMe can help you find it and protect your privacy with Find My iPhone.
Its very available in stock at $530
with 24 months international warranty
Shipment Fee:$30
To purchase,
please contact our sales department:sales@onetelimited.com
or contact our 247 online service
MSN : cell_globe@hotmail.com
yahoo: glocelltalk@yahoo.co.uk
skype: europeangiantmobile
Visit our website for more info:www.onetelimited.com

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