The Necessary Teacher Training College (Denmark)

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The Necessary Teacher Training College (Denmark)
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Volunteer, Teach, Travel and take a BA in Pedagogy!
“The world is our classroom”
We offer a course of alternative bachelor education. During the 3 year program, students will experience and investigate important issues of the world we live in and will work together in making it a better place for each of us.
Bachelor degree in “Pedagogy” from One World University
The program consists of:
1. Year – The International Practice Field includes 2 months in Denmark preparing for a 4-month bus travel; 4 months bus travel through the Sahara desert and 3 months of elaboration and spreading the word to people in Europe
2. Year – The National Practice Field includes 6 months training in experiencing and understanding the national reality by seeking employment in factories and other workplaces. Living, studying, working and organizing cultural events in a bigger European city; 3 months studying at the school and 3 months doing what you find most appropriate to do
3. Year – The School Practice Field includes 8 months training, working and understanding the reality of children and teachers by seeking employment in a European school; 4 months at the college studying and final exams.
Think global - Act local
We invite you to Denmark for Preparatory Weekend on August 23-26 2012. During this week you will cooperate with students from other teams and find out more about our program.
More information:
DNS- Tvind

Phone: +45 21124360

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