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Cauliflower cutting machine food processing equipment Razorfish

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Région : Aquitaine
Département : Dordogne 24
Ville : Boulazac 24750

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Razorfish Solutions is the leading manufacturer for the catering,
convenience, delicatessen and food industry.
Our strength is the fruit, vegetable and salad processing machines.
We develop and produce single and special machines as well as complete processing lines
for preparing, cutting, washing, drying and peeling of food.
Our quality and our consulting competence are appreciated world-wide.
The Razorfish vegetable preparation machines offer the perfect solution to the following problems:
The greatest versatility and productivity in a very compact space
reduction of preparation times, a perfect presentation of processed vegetables,
the need for a wider and more varied menu, the observance of high hygienic standards.
Thanks to their operating speed, versatility and easy use,
Our vegetable cutting machines can slice, chop, dice and shred not only vegetables and roots,
but also fresh and dried fruit, bread and cheese.
All this taking little space and in a very short time.
The exclusive feed hoppers make the introduction of all products extremely simple, allowing a clean and precise cut.
Thanks to the wide range of cutting tools, it is always possible to obtain the required shape and thickness, ensuring a perfect presentation.
All these features make the Razorfish cutting machines an ideal equipment for the kitchens of commissaries, hotels, restaurants and food processing facilities, where the quality of the results is very important, as well as the labour saving, the versatility of use, the reliability and the safe operation.
You can also contact us for solutions regarding segmentation of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.
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